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When you first join Fair Start Scotland, we’ll take time to get to know each other and share some examples of how we’ve help others. We’ll ask you some easy questions about your current situation and look at what you want to achieve – this will help us to identify your strengths and help us decide whether you need any additional support going forward.  

The journey you'll take will depend on how much support you will need, not everyone will need to go through each stage as some people may be more job ready than others. We'll work with you on one to one basis to make sure you are getting the right level of support to meet your needs. 

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Getting to know you
Before you even think about applying for jobs, we need to find out more information about you such as your aspirations, goals, interests, skills and abilities and your previous work experience - this will help us to develop a personalised action plan to make sure we give you the right level of support going forward.

If you don’t feel ready for work we can look at getting you some work experience such as work placements, work trials and/or sector specific training to give you the confidence to make the next step. If you‘re worried how a job may affect you financially then we can do a better-off calculation based on you getting full or part-time hours and we’ll talk you through the results to give you piece of mind.

We can also support you with other employability skills

We’ll also revisit the questions we originally asked you when first joined the service, so you can see how far you’ve progressed. We’ll also review your action plan to make sure any barriers you had previously that prevented you from finding a job have been addressed. And most importantly, you won’t be expected to start applying for jobs until you feel comfortable and ready to do so.

Looking for work

Finding a job that’s right for you

Now you’ve identified the type of job you are looking for we can start thinking about finding a job that matches your strengths and skills – a job that is right for you. 

We work with lots of employers across different work areas, and we’ll always be your biggest advocate. We’ll help you find jobs through advertised vacancies posted on websites and social media, however we will also help you tap into the hidden job market such as the jobs that don’t get advertised! 

Find out how we’ll find a job that’s right for you. 

Working with your employer
When you are in employment we can work with you and your employer to make sure you have all the right support in place to put you at ease. We can do a workplace assessment to make sure your working environment, job and tasks are suitable for you and we can make sure any necessary reasonable adjustments are made, this may include practical support such as specialist equipment or a buddy / mentor. 

We can meet up regularly on site to help you settle in and as you become more confident this support will gradually reduce.  How much you want us involved will depend on you and your employer but we can agree this in advance - we will never contact your employer without your permission.

Supporting you once in work
Once you’re in work, our support doesn’t end there. We’ll agree an in-work support package that starts with making sure you are fully prepared for your new job, which may include:
practical support such as doing a practice run on public transport to make sure you know where you are going and can get there on time, or
it could be benefit advice and budgeting based on frequency of pay. 
When you start work, we can look at on-the-job coaching and we’ll work with your employer to make sure you feel fully supported. We will agree regular contact to discuss your progression and offer any support and advice as and when you need it. And should you wish to look at career progression, we will support you with that too! 

We know that things sometimes don’t work out the way they are planned, so if you have any difficulties with the job that can’t be resolved we will help you look for something more suitable. All we ask is that you let us know and we will do our best to support you in whatever way we can.

How we can help 

We will offer an individual support package to meet your needs, making sure you have the best chance at finding a job. We'll be with you every step of the way. 


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